• Spalted Curly Maple Hollow Vessesls

    Spalted Curly Maple Hollow Vessesls

  • Ambrosia Maple Art Deco Bowl

    Ambrosia Maple Art Deco Bowl

  • Black Locust Hollow Vessel

    Black Locust Hollow Vessel

  • Green Leaf Bowl

    White Birch Bowl With Hand Carved Design

    Wood From Maine

  • White Oak Vessel

    White Oak Open Form Vessel With Black Texture Design

    Wood From Limerick, ME

  • Spalted Box Elder Platter

    Box Elder Platter With Carved & Burned Design

    Wood From New York Area

  • Work In Progress - Turning White Oak

    Work In Progress - Turning White Oak

  • Dyed and Textured Maple Bowl
  • Black Cherry Natural Edge Salem Hollow Form

    Black Cherry Natural Edge Vessel - Salem Hollow

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Boston Woodturning

Boston Woodturning creates one of a kind hand crafted fine art as well as usable utilitarian pieces from a variety of local wood. The wood we use is from all over the North of Boston. What we do is cut logs from felled trees and wood turn them into art and decretive pieces as well as functional pieces. Boston Woodturning also offers private lessons and group classes to anyone who wants to learn the fine art of woodturning all tools and supplies are provided for the duration of the lesson/class.

Woodturning is a form of woodworking that is used to create wooden hand crafted objects on a wood lathe. Each piece goes through a process till it reaches the end result, some are made by planning the piece and executing the work while other pieces are made solely from what the result is once I’ve started (without thought) The hands do all the work. Both ways produce excellent results and are very different end pieces that are high quality decorative items.

Boston Woodturning

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Boston Woodturning Working Studio & Art Gallery

Welcome to Boston Woodturning we create hand crafted fine art from wood as well as usable utilitarian pieces. We also offer woodturning lessons. To view more works of art from Boston Woodturning visit each of our categories Woodturning. Woodworking, Sculptures, Paintings, Plans & Projects, and Woodturning stock! or visit us on one of our social media channels.

SUMMER HOURS: May-Nov Mon. Wed. Fri. Sat. Sun - 11am to 6pm and Thu. 11am-7pm

Address: Artists Row 24 New Derby Street Salem, MA 01970  URL: http://www.BostonWoodturning.com Hours: TBD Phone: 774-563-9478 Please use our contact page if you wish to contact Boston Woodturning by email. Please allow up to 24hr for a reply.

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