About us

Boston Woodturning Salem, MA. 24 New Derby Street "Artist Row" 01970.

Boston Woodturning creates one of a kind hand crafted fine art as well as usable utilitarian pieces from a variety of local and reclaimed wood. The wood we use is from all over The Greater Boston Area. What we do is cut logs from felled trees and wood turn them into fine art and decretive pieces as well as some functional pieces. Boston Woodturning also offers private woodturning lessons and group woodturning classes to anyone who wants to learn the fine art of woodturning all tools and supplies are provided for the duration of the lesson/class.

Woodturning is a form of woodworking that is used to create wooden hand crafted objects on a wood lathe. Each piece goes through a process till it reaches the end result, some are made by planning the piece and executing the work while other pieces are made solely from what the result is once I’ve started (without thought) The hands do all the work. Both ways produce excellent results and are very different end pieces that are high quality decorative items.

We support the art and craft of woodturning as well as many other mediums. Boston Woodturning supports artists locally as well as connected to artists and wood turners worldwide. Boston Woodturning online gallery offers it's visitors options to share, view, learn, and purchase available items.

Thank you for visiting our gallery and we hope that you return again soon! If you wish to contact Boston Woodturning please use our CONTACT page or call us diretly.


We currently have other artists showing work in the gallery, as well as art exhibitations and events scheduled, any details will be posted in our blog and on our social media channels. If you wish to submit work for the gallery or for upcoming exhibits please use our contact page or use the information on the event/exhibit page to submit your work. Any work submitted will be juried in to either the gallery or event other requirements maybe needed to submit work depending on submission. For more information on this topic please email Webmaster@BostonWoodturning.com or visit us at the gallery.

Our Team

  • Tommy Gagnon: Executive Director & Woodturning Artist
  • Marcia Brennan: Deputy Director
  • Allyse Frieswk: Director of Marketing
  • Mary Margaret Moore: Assistant Design Director
  • Mimi Larue: Mascot & Security