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    Spalted Curly Rock Maple Hollow Form About 4"x4.5"

  • Curly Maple Hollow Vessel

  • Ambrosia Maple Birdhouse set Set created from same piece of wood (Not Available)

  • Small Maple Bowl with natural edge

  • Maple clock with wood burn numbers

  • Cedar & Birch Vase with Wood burn design

  • Natural Edge Rock Maple Bowl

  • Pine platter with geometric wood burn design

  • UFO Shape candle holder with wood burn pattern About 6" wide (Not Available)

  • Red Oak Platter with AUM wood burn design about 10”x6”x3”

  • Natural Edge Maple Gravy Dish Shape

  • Mahogany Magic Wand

  • Eastern Red Cedar Magic Wand

  • Tiny Black Birch bowl

  • Green Bowl With rock tripod feet

  • Low profile  pine bowl with wood burn rim

  • Poplar dish with Mahogany stripe

  • Tiger Stripes pine platter

  • Pine Bowl with wood burn pattern

  • Collection of Wood turned Spinning top toys

  • Cedar deep dish with pine trim and lid

  • Beaded box with lid dyed orange

  • Green Poplar Apple with Rock Base Size is about 2"x4" woodturned and carved.

  • Mahogany and poplar Pear

  • Walnut Purple heart and rosewood bowl

  • Cedar & Pine Layered Bowl

  • Cedar & Poplar Layered Bowl

  • Oak & Poplar Layered low profile bowl with round sides

  • Deep Dish Cedar Bowl

  • Eastern Red Cedar Ornament

  • Pine & Fir Large Tear Drop Ornament with wood burn design

  • Oak & Poplar Tear Drop Ornament

  • Poplar Ornament Dyed

  • Pine & Cedar Tear Drop Ornament

  • Zebrawood and Walnut Tear Drop Ornament

  • Oak & Poplar Segmented Necklace Holder with Box

  • Cedar Necklace Holder

  • Maple Poplar & Cedar Necklace Holder

  • Cedar & Pine Cups

Showing 1101 - 1140 of 1140 items