Discover Woodturning, lessons, demos, and workshops at Boston Woodturning

Discover Woodturning, lessons, demos, and workshops at Boston Woodturning

Discover Woodturning, lessons, Demos, and Workshops

One of the most difficult things to do in this world is to start with an idea and form it into something new that’s different and stands out from the crowd. Boston Woodturning is that idea, I started my journey with an idea to have an open Woodturning art studio and gallery where anyone could come in and see the process, learn, exchange ideas and browse the gallery of fine art made locally.

With every venture somethings work while other things don’t. Adapting to the damands of the business and finding creative solutions is part of it. This year I’ve not only changed the artwork in the gallery I also upgraded some primary tools in the shop so that kids, women, adults and anyone really can have the opportunity to experience Woodturning for themselves. I offer private Woodturning lessons and small group Woodturning classes.

Being one of the only public open Woodturning studios and gallery in Massachusetts I can accommodate anyone who wishes to learn more about the fine art of woodturning in its various forms.

What makes a good woodturning artist you might ask? Good artists turn that energy into something beautiful. They use it to fuel their creativity and make work that resonates with others. Anyone can be an artist, but you can recognize a great artist by how their work makes others feel!

Woodturning Lessons - Book a lesson

Discover woodturning and experience the craft yourself! Boston Woodturning offers private Woodturning lessons and you can keep what you make. We also offer doubles lessons that you can share the experience with a friend, spouse, or relative. 

Woodturning Demonstrations

Every project turned on the lathe takes time some pieces can take an hour while others can take weeks, months and even years to complete. Our free woodturning demonstrations are held every time a piece is being worked on. That means no matter what’s on the lathe you can ask to see a demonstration of it. Doing demonstrations like this offers a wide variety of turned pieces everything from small spindle pieces to large bowls and hollow forms can be seen being worked on in real time at Boston Woodturning studio. And in the gallery section you can find completed works of art that were made right in the shop.

Woodturning Workshops - Book a workshop

our workshops can be custom tailored to each individuals needs and desires for example if you have never done any woodturning I can focus the lessons on a specific project and we can work from there. If you do have experience turning that’s ok too. Many times I have had turners who want to learn specific techniques or are looking for some pointers and the lessons can be tailored for those students too.

if you wish to book a time slot please email us in advance to schedule a date and time. 

Students of Boston Woodturning - Hall of fame

Boston Woodturning students hall of fame! Here you can see some of the students I’ve thought. 

Students of Boston Woodturning learn how to properly operate the lathe and various tools needed to turn safely. We offer a wide variety of projets to work on as well as specific skill building lessons to increase your skillset at the lathe. We offer small group lessons and private one on one woodturning lessons. People from all walks of life are welcome. Because there is just so much to learn in woodturning working one on one with the students gives you an advantage over larger group classes, but sometimes its fun to share in the experiance with others.

Want to book a woodturning lesson?

Click here to reserve your time slot now!!


Boston Woodturning Students

Woodturning Students

You may Reschedule an appointment you have made or cancel within 24 hours of your appointment. because you are reserving a time slot no refunds will be issued if you later decide to cancel or not show up for the reserved time. Lessons purchased via gift card or invoice are only redeemable for that year. Any lessons purchased this year will expire end of December.



    • Avatar
      Jon Wentworth
      Sep 7, 2018

      Can you tell me what the fees are for taking a wood turning lesson (private) and maybe with my wife.Thanks

      • Avatar
        Tommy Gagnon
        Mar 16, 2019

        If you email me I can send you all of the information about the Woodturning workshops and lessons I offer. Thank you

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