Boston Woodturning Tree Ring Prints

Boston Woodturning Tree Ring Prints

Boston Woodturning Tree Ring Prints

Tree ring prints are a beautiful way to show the natural beauty of trees, I started making them a few years ago on paper and moved on to canvas. The first few I made were small 10"-12" prints and over time they got larger and larger. The largest print I made was 30”x40” and 36"x36” so far. 

I use printing ink for my prints and good quality stretched canvas. I love how you can see each year of growth and how each year could be very different. Another thing to keep in mind when creating your tree ring prints is the outter shap and if you want to include the bark or not.

I start off by selecting the wood and then cut my cookie slice with a chain saw, not too big so that its managable. Then I plane and sand the surface so that it is smooth to the touch. preperation can take hours and hours depending on the size of the piece I'm working on. The next thing I do is remove the softer part of the grain this is the time consuming part. Once the surface is ready to be printed you can add the ink and make the print. Ive developed my own methods for doing this and after a while you will too.

Below is of a 30"x40" Oak tree ring print on streched canvas in red.

oak print

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