The Art of Embellishing Wood

The Art of Embellishing Wood

The Art Of Embellishing Wood

What is embellishing wood you might ask?

Embellishing means when you make something more attractive by adding decorative details And in this case we are talking about embellishing wood, specifically wood turned items but some techniques maybe used on other wood projects.

Their are many different techniques one can use to accomplish various embellishment details to your wood turned piece. Below we will go over some of these techniques. The nice thing about it is you can be creative with your embellishments. Inaly is one way to give your project a little embellishment and in another article I went over some of my favorite materials to use as inlay. Woodturning inlay techniques explored.

  • Paint acrylic and oil

Paints are another way to achive a great look on your project and can be thined to exacute whatever your have in mind. additionally, there are many many many techniques that can be used to give different looks to the surface of the wood.

  • Stains

Many of use have use stain on project and can be used on your wood turned project to give a beautiful end result. Similar to stains but different chemical make up.

  • Dyes

I love using dyes on my wood turned projects, you can add a solid color that feels natural becuase goes into the wood rather then sit on top. Additionally you can thin them out to get a translucent look offten used by woodturners so the grain can be seen threw the color. Their are many brands to select from some better then others.

  • Guilding

Guilding is another favorite of mine and I often combine with texturing techniques to give the project a whole new look and feel that comes alive.

  • Resin, Epoxy, and CA Glue

You don't always have to use things in a traditional way to achive a great looking project and with resin, epoxy, and CA glue you can use them in various ways as well as add color and texture to them to give a whole new look and feel to the project.

  • Inlays

Using inlays to embellish your project is always nice and Ive created a seprate article disscussing various methods used for inlaying the article can be found here  Woodturning inlay techniques explored.

  • Mixed Media additions 

Using mixed media to embelish your project typically means adding different types of mediums togeather to create something new. An example of this wood be to add metal, glass, textiles, to the wood and not always is the wood the primary medium in the end result. In my opionion this is hit or miss. It can work really well for some projects and not work at all for others.

  • Texturing

Texturing the surface of the wood is by far one of my favorite things to do and can be accomplished a several different ways such as sandblasting, wire brush, or compressor tools.


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