A Woodturning legacy

A Woodturning legacy

A Woodturning Legacy 

As far back as I could remember I’ve always enjoyed creating things, using my hands to evolve something from nothing. Their is something very satisfying about making things with my hands no matter what the medium. With wood lies my true passion for creating art and usable art. Maybe it's because the tree is a living thing, organic, from the Earth!

Ive explored/learned many many mediums some I excelled at while others was terrible. When I painted I started getting into texture that evolved into sculpture and really what I was interested in was stone sculpture (that never came to  forishion but found myself using wood instead.) Having been exposed to a lathe early on in about 8th or 9th grade it was only natural to acquire and use Turing tools to accomplish my vision for those early pieces.

I spent many many hours that turned into years absorbing as much knowledge as I could about various Woodturning techniques and woodworking skills as I could. I kept an open mind and wasn’t scared to explore ideas fail or succeed. Eventually I became better and better and started to define my style as the wood turning artist. I consider myself a "Woodturning Artist" because I really dont like production woodturning (to make or replicate multiple pieces that are all the same). Each piece I make is unique and I encorperate elements of the shape, grain, and texture into the finished object. 

My first taste of local success was being featured in the local arts Association year in review Magazine two years in a row. I don’t think that publication is still running but it motivated me to continue on my path knowing people enjoyed the work I was producing. In 2014 I created my personal brand “Boston Woodturning” and about a year later was selected to be one of four artists on Artists Row in Salem, MA. (a huge oppertunity and responsibility). Shortly after that I was given another opportunity to create 6 awards for the annual chamber of commerce dinner held at the Peabody Essex Museum. That was a lot of fun and I enjoyed creating those awards for various local companies.

Other publications I’ve been featured in are The Salem News paper, The Lynn Item, Yankee Magazine, North Shore Magazine and several online news outlets. By far the most exciting was being featured on Chronicle TV episode call “who Knew” (can be seen on my home page at the bottom) I am so very grateful for all of the opportunities that came my way in the last few years. In February 2019 issue of American Woodturner Magazine I was featured in the members gallery section to me that was an honor.

One of the things I like to do each year is give back to the community and I do that by donating various pieces Ive made.

My life has had many many challenges and the one thing that keeps me going is being able to create and express my artistic vision no matter what the medium. Being a proffesional artist in my opinion is one of the most difficult proffesions to be sucessful. I wanted to express to the people who helped me along the way just how thankful I am for not only being part of my life but for all of the encouragement, support, smiles, and opportunities that you all have shown me. Without you I could not have accomplished the things I have. Moving forward, I plan on continuing to produce the finest handmade work regardless of my current health issues.

In the end, life has a way of humbing each and everyone of us! 

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