Care Instructions

  • With every new purchase you want to know how to care for an item so that it can be enjoyed for years to come. With these care instructions you can better understand how to care for your turned object and cherish it for a lifetime.
  • What type of woodturning do you own? With the many wood finishes on the market today it's important to know what type of turning you own as well as what type of finish it may have. This information will help you better care for your piece over the years.
  • Different finishes may require different methods for cleaning or revitalizing it's finish. Some custom pieces may be waterproofed so that water doesn't penitrate into the wood fibers of the grain NOT all pieces are like this and usually it is an added cost.
  • Never put your turned piece into the dishwasher!!! Most bowls can be cleaned with a little soap and water on a paper towel, never let water sit in a bowl in the sink or absorb water on the counter for an extended period of time. Always dry your bowl thoroughly/immediately after cleaning.
  • At the time of purchase you should always ask what are the proper ways to clean your new wood turned item. You should also ask what type of finish it currently has. Most bowls are finished with a food safe oil or wax whereas Hollow forms and vases maybe finished with polishes and could require different methods for cleaning and revitalizing the finish.
  • For more information about caring for your woodturning and the differnt types of finishes we use ask your questions here.

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