Privacy Policy

Boston Woodturning takes your privacy seriously to prove that we have taken steps to protect not only the customer but also us the merchant. You can find more about how we protect your privacy while visiting our site and during transactions by visiting our Secure Payment page or our Terms & Conditions page.

Members Privacy

If you have registered with us and created a free online account your data is safe with us and will be protected along with all data we obtain, additionally we do not share your personal data with any other companies. Your data stays safe with us!

Membership Privacy

 By signing us with us for a membership your data is protected along with all data and we do not share your data with anyone additionally by having a membership means that you want to take part in exhibits, shows, and or events by Boston Woodturning and in some cases your email, phone number, and or full name will need to be shared but you will be ased to share that information and we will not.

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