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McNaughton Center-Saver System Mini


McNaughton Center-Saver System Mini

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McNaughton Center-Saver System Mini

This is the Mini system that has been used lightly, only cored a few bowls with it. Comes with the gate, short handle and 4 blades.

If you have much bowl work, you can quickly pay for a set of center savers with the amount of wood and time you save. You can also produce sets of matched-grain, nesting bowls. What was previously shavings becomes saleable product. 

The McNaughton system comes in three sizes, each with a specialized tool gate, a steel handle and an assortment of cutters that let you cut everything from shallow bowls to quite deep cones. 

The mini and standard systems are suitable for bowl diameters up to 10" and from 4" to 16" respectively (depending on the desired shape of the core), and each includes one straight and three incurved cutters. 

The large system includes one straight and two incurved cutters for cores ranging from 10" to 24". The straight cutters are also suitable for freehand parting. 

The tool gate, with a 1" post*, controls the orientation of the cutters and serves to minimize torsional forces while coring. 

The combined sets include all the respective cutters (e.g., Mini/Standard includes four mini cutters plus four standard cutters) but share a common tool gate and handle.


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McNaughton Center-Saver System Mini

McNaughton Center-Saver System Mini

McNaughton Center-Saver System Mini